Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Could This Be True of Me?

As I read "My Utmost for His Highest" again this morning, I was reminded that the longer I walk through life in my relationship with the Jesus Christ of the Bible, complacency and being "familiar" with God is my biggest stumbling block.

The challenge is to ask myself each day what I value most, what is it that grips my heart and pushes me to stay "Focused" on what is most important.  Sure there are fires along the way every day that I have to put out.  There are stresses every day that seem overwhelming that weight down on me.  But if I am not focused on what I am on this earth for, everything begins to blur.  When that happens, I tend to go into "Autofocus" if you will, and common sense takes over and drives my actions.  In Church-ease we say it is my "calling" in life, my purpose.  If I don't live on purpose, then life drives my purpose.

Chambers asks the question, "What do I really count dear?"  If I have not been gripped by Jesus Christ on a daily basis, Chambers reminds me that not only will I count my life dear to myself, but my service, and even my time given to God as dear, and not my personal relationship with Him.  If I am not focused on that relationship, then all other relationships and "things" in my life, and the things that I do lose their significance in what is really important in my day.

This may seem a little out there and even a little extreme for some.  Some say I am just simply thinking too hard. But if I can keep my relationship with Jesus as my focal point, everything else becomes clearer as I prioritize my day.  The entire image of my life becomes so much easier to sort through and compose.  If I don't do this, my common sense familiarity with God takes over and I tend to lean on my own understanding, and the Bible is very clear that that will get me no where fast.

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