Friday, June 11, 2010

Tanzania 2010! 7 Days & Counting!!

Lots to do and even more to prepare for.  I will be spending my first week in Tanzania in the Iringa District with Ray Menard of Cheetah Development.  We will be looking at a number of projects Cheetah is getting involved in.  One of which is a potato warehouse.  40% of the crops in Tanzania rot in the fields.  This warehouse will assist in the storage of the crops so more can be sold.
I will meet the rest of our team when they arrive in Dar es Salaam on Sunday morning the 27th of this month.  We will then all fly up to Mwanza where we will begin our serving first thing Monday morning.
You can read all about it on our Team Blog at:
This same blog will transfer to our Team Facebook profile at:
Please pray for us as we go.  Thank you in advance for all you prayers and support.

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